Meet the Original Rally Titans

Rally Titan is a family based company founded in 2023 out of Arizona. Our family has been passionate about pickleball for many years. Whether it's playing with friends, with our kids, or playing in local tournaments. We are engulfed in the pickleball phenomenon that is the fastest growing sport in the United States.

Our stylish paddle designs not only look great, but are made from the finest materials and up to date technology. We spared no expense to make our paddles lighter, stronger, durable, and textured for the best control and power for superior performance. We operate and design our paddles right here in the USA!

Our paddles are great for beginner and intermediate players, but we have partnered with other brands to provide advanced players with paddles as well.

Our mission is to provide quality pickleball paddles for all player levels with designs any colors people enjoy. Our goal is to expand our product line for all skill levels, so please keep checking our website and Amazon store for new paddles and products!!!