Olive B Olive B
Olive B $39.99
AVAILABLE ON AMAZON!!! Just sold out here CARBON FIBER PADDLE FACE: Extra light weight paddle for better maneuverability, speed, and control TEXTURED CARBON FIBER PADDLE SURFACE: Texture allows for maximum spin and control, This paddle lets you place shots with ease, striking the perfect balance between power and precision POLYPROPYLENE HONEYCOMB CORE: Exceptional control starts at the core with our game-changing polypropylene honeycomb core that provides enhanced sweet spot and maximum power. Our honeycombs are also small, which creates a more durable paddle and allows for better impact distribution PROTECTIVE EDGE GUARD: Reach for low shots without a worry. Our low profile durable protective edge guard protects the paddle face from damage NON-SLIP CUSHION GRIP: This uniquely padded grip allows for sweat absorption to deliver exceptional balance between comfort and control for long hours of play DURABLE FOR INDOOR OR OUTDOOR CONDITIONS